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Short description
X Window System
Long description:
How the package is related to the X Window System
4100 in the tag db,
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x11::TODO - Need an extra tag

The package can be categorised along this facet, but the right tag for it is missing. . Mark a package with this tag to signal the vocabulary maintainers of cases where the current tag set is lacking.

x11::applet - Applet 180
x11::application - Application 3172
x11::composite-manager - Composite manager

This tag also applies to compositing window managers: for compositing window managers, please use both x11::composite-manager and x11::window-manager

x11::display-manager - Login Manager

Display managers (graphical login screens)

x11::font - Font 314
x11::library - Library 125
x11::screensaver - Screen Saver 26
x11::terminal - Terminal Emulator 54
x11::theme - Theme 101
x11::window-manager - Window Manager 73
x11::xserver - X Server and Drivers

X servers and drivers for the X server (input and video)


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