This page document the site JSON APIs.


POST a patch for the unreviewed tag database.

There is only one required POST argument:

The tag patch, using the format of this example:
pkg1: +tag1, +tag2, -tag3
pkg2: +tag1
pkg3: -tag2, -tag3
note that spaces are important: separators are "colon-space" and "comma-space"

The result is a JSON encoded dictionary as follows:

    pkgs: {
        pkg1: [tag1, tag2, tag3],
        pkg2: [tag2],
        pkg3: [tag1],
    notes: [
        "note about the patch"

For each package involved in the submitted patch, there is an entry in pkgs with its new tags.

If the server's consistency checks alter the patch before submission, string notes are added to notes to document what happened.

Copyright © 2011-2013 Enrico Zini <>. See license terms. Source code is available.

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