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Short description
User Interface
Long description:
What kind of user interface the package provides
10035 in the tag db,
TagPackages in stable db
interface::3d - Three-Dimensional 126
interface::TODO - Need an extra tag

The package can be categorised along this facet, but the right tag for it is missing. . Mark a package with this tag to signal the vocabulary maintainers of cases where the current tag set is lacking.

interface::commandline - Command Line 2829
interface::daemon - Daemon

Runs in background, only a control interface is provided, usually on commandline.

interface::framebuffer - Framebuffer 17
interface::graphical - Graphical User Interface

Packages that provide the user with a 2D graphical user interface.

interface::shell - Command Shell 136
interface::svga - Console SVGA 5
interface::text-mode - Text-based Interactive 488
interface::web - World Wide Web 173
interface::x11 - X Window System 2815

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