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This page lists the automated checks that are run on the unreviewed tag database.

Check nameDescriptionNumber of matching packages
HasRole Every package should have a role::* tag 44134 / 87650
HasUIToolkit Every package with an X11 or 3D interface should have a uitoolkit::* tag 481 / 87650
Unreviewed Package tags should be reviewed by humans 71884 / 87650
HasImplementedIn Every package with a role::* of program, devel-lib, plugin, or source, should have an implemented-in::* tag 11946 / 87650
HasDevelLang Every development library should have a devel::lang:* tag 6787 / 87650
HasEquivs role::devel-lib and devel::library should always be together 3218 / 87650
HasGame Every package with use::gameplaying should have a game::* tags 66 / 87650
Apriori Tagging checks based on rules computed via a statistical analysys of the reviewed tag database 5036 / 87650